Milk is known to be one of the products that gives and provides health benefits. The reason why the demand of milk products is keeps on increasing. Many companies are offering milk products around the globe. They are selling different types of milk that will cater the needs of the costumers particularly on the health needs.

One of the milk suppliers is the Borden Milk Products, L.P. The Borden Milk Products, L.P., is a private American corporation. They provide variety of milk products, skim, low fat, chocolate and more.

They are well-known with their Borden Ice Cream, Creamette pasta, Meadow Gold milk, and Borden Condensed Milk brands. In 1993, the sales of their food products accounted for almost 67 percent of its revenuees.

Borden milk products sell and produce milk product that contain Reduced Fat 2%, 1% Low-fat, Vitamin D, Fat Free Skim, Dutch Chocolate, Dutch Chocolate 1%, Lite Line, Kid Builder and Hi Protein.

Borden milk products have reached different parts of the world and are sold in the following different marts and stores such as:

  • Cain’s
  • Magnolia Super Foods
  • Calhoun Foods,
  • Food World,
  • Fresh Market,
  • Greer’s
  • Kmart
  • Pic-N-Say
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Marcs and many more.


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They are not just providing the best product but they are able to help other people because of the health benefits contained by their milk products.

Many people will only know a particular company if they have a good standing in the business industry. Also, when they are offering and providing best products and services to their customers. The Borden milk has become popular because they are really providing the best products and services for their customers.

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